June Update EU Water Stress: FR/BE situation & Copernicus ECMWF ensemble forecast

03 Jul 2019

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While recovering from the heatwave: and update on soil moisture, groundwater levels and water usage restrictions put in place in France and Belgium [part 1: https://twitter.com/FlorianDRX/status/1124734200937054208]

What are long term evolutions, how did it change since April?

On heatwaves: evolution = clear https://t.co/QjBvukuJle

Long-term precipitation:

3-month Standard Precipitation Index [4/5/6] ↘️ since 70s in FR [Puy-de-Dome] and BE [Antwerp]

Monthly rainfall ↘️ in FR & BE

@CopernicusEU http://bit.ly/2NEM68O

SPI = number of st. dev. by which the observed anomaly deviates from long-term mean https://t.co/477FtrpHts

For an overview of long-term agricultural soil drought conditions (Combined Drought Indicator, CDI), see https://twitter.com/FlorianDRX/status/1124734200937054208

Water situation in France: Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes [update: 1 June] @auvergnerhalpes

FR - Rainfall

Precipitation is 13 % below the long-term average, 13th driest month since 1959 http://bit.ly/309knhC https://t.co/fyKOEnSCWM

FR - Soil drought [update https://twitter.com/FlorianDRX/status/1124750222675066881]

*Deficit up to 60 % in large parts of the region https://t.co/bldNFvvPUo

FR - Streamflow [update https://twitter.com/FlorianDRX/status/1124750554167750658]

*Globally depressed streamflow: a majority of test points has an average flow rate below the ‘Five-Year Dry Flow’ [= monthly flow with a 4/5 probability of being exceeded each year] https://t.co/i42BakmXwN

FR - Groundwater levels [update https://twitter.com/FlorianDRX/status/1124750801610653698]

*Low groundwater levels in majority of the region http://bit.ly/2NrUyYL https://t.co/tvrr2CFqnz

Water situation in Belgium: Antwerp [10 June] [update https://twitter.com/FlorianDRX/status/1124751708364726274] @DOVdovVO

Groundwater levels - absolute measurement.

Groundwater levels - relative measurement: historical comparison

Groundwater levels - future expectation [http://www.dov.vlaanderen.be/node/288]

Water usage restrictions

France - Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes Region [update https://twitter.com/FlorianDRX/status/1124751121090777088]

France - Country level [update https://twitter.com/FlorianDRX/status/1124751121090777088] @Min_Ecologie

Source: http://bit.ly/propluvia-FR https://t.co/RtroeKtgMi

Belgium - Antwerp province:

Water usage situation in the EU (2015 data)


How will the soil water content evolve, depending on future #emissions #SWICCA @CopernicusECMWF http://bit.ly/COP-SW


Effect of future emissions on soil water content in @auvergnerhalpes region :


Effect of future emissions on soil water content in Flanders, Belgium :