Flemish Flight Ban : Legislative Background

09 Sep 2019

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Starting from 1 October, Flemish civil servants are forbidden to take the plane for work trips of less than 500 km or 6 hours travel over land https://t.co/CsvYWu3qn7


Proposals of 23 October 2017 [https://t.co/Q0Cg7OEDSX] by @JorisVDBroucke, Bruno Tobback @sp_a and @JohanDanen @groen and 4 july 2018 [https://t.co/n3zByehSz1] @JorisVDBroucke @IngridPira1 @NadiaSminate @ward_kennes, pointing at πŸ‘‡

Therefore calling for πŸ‘‡

Leading by example, by:

Resolution approved unanimously on 4 July 2018 in parliament @vlaparl [https://t.co/8qWAdIi1WG]

Follow-up in March 2019 [https://t.co/cLTO1Efw5l] : air travel of public servants [https://t.co/Usfnlpc9Sk] and ministers [https://t.co/Usfnlpc9Sk], indicating cost and distance.

@vlaparl Some of the solutions to extend this to the private sector + citizens :

@MichaelEMann @KHayhoe @GretaThunberg @AnunaDe. See also this thread on 2 recent news articles and 6 reports on fossil investments and (non-existing) divestment policies : https://t.co/Dmh9an3ijc. Lots of work to be done!

#ClimateAction #ClimateStrike #ClimateCrisis #climate

French version : https://t.co/nyhVhHfHZQ