Report Belgian Federal Planning Bureau proves the need for a just and fair climate transition

25 Sep 2019

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Recent report Belgian Planning Bureau @FPB_BE @BFP_BE @josefine_v @TimGoedeme [] prooves need for a just and fair climate policy

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💡Interesting literature review for those interested💡

Price elasticity literature (increased emissions with increased income) seem to suggest:

Method and Data

Direct (heating/transport) and indirect (consumer goods) emissions are accounted for

Direct air pollution

Indirect air pollution

Territorial environmentally-extended input-output model coupled with consumer expenditure survey, inclusion of emissions abroad.

No multi-regional model, as most detailed only has 162 industries.

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(b*) Data notes:


Total % GHG per consumption category

= 62.8 % of total GHG emissions


Conclusion 1 : pollution per household increases considerably with income

Conclusion 2 : pollution increases less than proportionally with household size due to scale effects

Two and three person households have a lower than average per-capita emission level.

Conclusion 3 : pollution per household slightly higher in Wallonia compared to Flanders

Level of pollution is considerably lower in Brussels.

Regional variable probably proxy for regional variations such as population density, housing stock, heating type, policy

Conclusion 4 : detached house emits 26 % more emissions than average

Apartment pollution little more than half of a detached house.